Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The law and the family

The closest people to every person is one's family.If you feel lonely,sad or disappointed only your family can help you.Unfortunately not all families live together and help each other.It happens very often that such families split after beeing together for many years.In such cases families usually neead a third person to help to make some arrangements or to solve problems.
Usually this third person is the law.Although it is possible to settle everything without law but many families think that it is impossible.What is more, the families can't do without the law during the divorce proceedings.It helps people to settle about their property,financial support and custody of the children.
Moreover , people need the law's help to register their marriage or to make marriage contracts which are very popular nowadays.Someone may think that it is nonsense that two people can just live together and agree about their duties without interference of the third person but some families can't do without it.
In the conclusion it only remains to say that nowadays people need law almost everywhere,not only in the family,because it helps to solve problems and make arrangements.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Listening practice

Today we have done a very interesting task during our English classes.We were doing listening tasks online.It was a little bit difficult to listen to the recorders because all the students listened at once.Well,while listening to the recorder I learned many new things.The first task I listened to was titled "Toy boy".It turned out that the "Toy boy" has the meaning of the boy who is a lower of the older person,usually a woman.It was a new thing for me because I haven't heard about the "Toy boy" before.
"Working abroad" was the second task.I liked this task more than the first one.The task was about body language.People from different countries expressed their opinion about greeting people in different countries.
At the end I would like to say that I liked such kind of task very much.During the task I not only practised listening but I also found out many new information.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

English classes

English classes at the university are more intresting than at school.At school we learn basic things and at the university we learn the information connected with our studies.
First of all I would like to write good points of english lessons.Most of all I like participaiting in discussions during the lesson,because you can practise spoken english.What is more,I like that we are writing short tests very often,because it helps to learn the information better.If we write tests only once or twice,it will be rather difficult to remember all the information at once.It is very good that our teacher gives us topics for short representations,because it makes students speak and be active.Moreover,you learn to speak for the audience while making presentations.Most of all I like when the teacher brings us some english movies.One more good point is that we have access to the computer where we do different tests connected with law.
In my opinion there are some disadvantages too.First of all,I don't like that students are so passive during the lesson.If the teacher doesn't make them to speak they keep silence.One more disadvantage is that we have very less listening tasks.Listening tasks are very difficult for me that is why I would like to have more such tasks and train my ears.It is a pitty that we will have English classes only three terms because most probably we won't remember all the information and neccessary words without practising English. One more disadvantage is that we don't practise writing esseys.I think that we should do that regularly because it is one of the most difficult tasks during the exam.
In the conclusion it only remains to say that in spite of all disadvantages I like my English lessons very much and it is a pitty that we will have Eglish lessons on three terms.